ONS T13 05 RSM

Registration number: 1014
Registrator: Toni Uusitalo Log in
Primary shirt color: Punainen
Secondary shirt color: Valkoinen
Leader: Toni Uusitalo
15:th place in Placement
ONS was one of 16 clubs from Finland that had teams playing during T13 SPL-lopputurnaus 2018. They participated with one team in T13.

In addition to ONS, 15 other teams played in T13. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof ONS 05 RSM could be found in Group C together with Fc Nokia 05 sininen, Pallokerho Keski-Uusimaa PKKU T05 or Turun Weikot TuWe yj.

ONS comes from Oulu which lies approximately 280 km from Korsholm, where T13 SPL-lopputurnaus takes place.

6 games played


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